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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

I'm flying out today for a nice, long, well-deserved holiday. The sad part? I haven't even started packing yet.

My first stop will be the Bahamas. This is the trip my company was supposed to take last November, but got canceled because of hurricane Noel. I'm usually Adventure!girl-- scuba diving! Ancient ruins! Jungle hikes! Caving! but this time I'm going to be a beach bum. I'm feeling much better, but had a few rough days, so the most strenuous thing I'm planning is strolling from my room to the pool, from the pool to the spa for some pampering, and from the spa to the food and booze. *g*

After a hopefully relaxing weekend on the beach I'm winging my way over to the UK. I'm so looking forward to meeting up with my friends! This is a special trip as well, because historyterry is graduating. It's going to be so good to celebrate his accomplishments with him. :)

I'll should be online most of the time, so I won't miss any of the regularly scheduled programing. *g*

I really must go pack! ::blows kisses to you all::

Current Mood: Amped

Have a fabulous time sweetie!! ::squishes you::

I'm having a wonderful time! Vactions are good things. *nods* :D

Have a happy, healthy, wonderful time! Give Cats a hug for me, too. :)

When you're back, give me a call. I want to get together and hear all about the fun. \o/


With any luck, there'll be photos!

\o/ The next best thing...

Hi! And congrats to you on your accomplishments! I'm sure you'll enjoy the celebrations. :)

Thanks! It's going to be a packed house. I'm wondering how I'm going to be able to cope :->.

So far the health is good! Thank god-- even with the drinking. *g*

I'll call you when I get back! I'm sure I'll have much gossip. :D

So looking forward to seeing you again. Have a great weekend, and catch you on the flip side, as it were :-).

***yay! I get to see you guys!***

WOOOO WHOOOOO! I'll be seeing you tomorrow! *bounces*

I can hardly believe its only a week now! Weeeeeeeeee!

I'm late answering, but only about 13 hours now! :D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I'm having a blast! I did have some rum-like things-- one for me, one for you. Two for me, two for you. Etc, etc . . . *g*