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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Fic help-- please

I'm writing this fic where Daniel says please in several different languages. It would be languages that would come to his mind automatically, so maybe Russian, French, Spanish, Greek-- or something similar.

Also, if it makes a difference, it would be desperate, begging please instead of polite please.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


I definitely need the Arabic! Perfect! Thank you!

And thanks for checking on the Russian for me. :)

Double-cheking the Arabic, too - I may have given you the female form (you may be better off with Lo Sama(h)t). That said (and excuse me for my drunken Thursday night ramblings) there are basically three different ways to say 'please' in Arabic, as well as it being a gendered language. It can be more in the context of 'Thankyou', and it can also be more in the context of offering something to someone.

It'll be nice to grill my boss on the subject of simple Russian (is 'previet' both please and thanks?) on Monday. I have to ask him whether he's willing to translate a couple of papers for me too :-).

By the way - my supervisor is one of the linguists at the university, and given a happy half hour to seek diversion, I can easily find out any number of things for you in Sanscrit, etc.

Did you get the French yet? S'il vous plait?

Yep, got the French. :)

The content of this please is more incoherent begging for something from a male. If that makes a difference. Hehehe. :)