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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

OH thank god! I'm free! Finally! And a little drunk buzzed because some of the girls and I got together for drinks after my last shift.

This last two months have been pretty bad-- the manager hasn't spoken or even looked at me in that time. She pushed me too far, and I let her have it two months ago, and I've been getting the silent treatment ever since, up to the point that I was standing five feet from her and she walked ten feet from me and handed a specimen to an assistant and asked the assistant to ask me to do something. :: rolls eyes::

Are we still in the fourth grade? Seriously.

But now I'm done. I've been here a year and I'm free again!

Holy shit! The relief I feel is incredible! I can sleep in! I can goof off! I can wake up at the same time every day!

Hell, maybe I'll even be able to have a regular enough schedule to write! Can you imagine?

I'm so, so, so relieved. ::takes another sip of booze::

SQUEEE! I'm my own person again! At least until my next assignment. :)

Oh, and this is a hoot. I got a call from my agency, and they are submitting me for a job in Edinburgh, TX. ROFL!! I've often thought that I'd like to live in Edinburgh, but the Texas part is new. *g*


Congrats! Hope your next assignment is better.

The funny thing is, this assignment was fine until two months ago! I feel shunned. Shunned, I tell you! *g*

I'm not the only one she does this too. She has a very childish habit of ignoring people she has a conflict with. ::shrugs:: Oh well, no skin off my nose.

Have a great time in Texas!

Actually, I don't really want the job. They want a *gasp* supervisor.

You know how I feel about that. *g*

I just thought it was a hoot that it's Edinburgh! :)

Wheeee! Good start on enjoying your break!

Oh yeah! Last night is a bit of a blur, and tonight is going to be more of the same. I'm getting together with my neighbors, we're making pitchers of sex-on-the-beach, and going to play Wii. LOL

Drunken Wii should be interesting. *g*

OMG I nearly *dropped* when I read Edinburgh - pity it's not the real one :/

But still! Free! \0/

I cracked up when she told me where the job is!! If I do get it, and decide to take it, you'll be visiting me there!

Of course you realize that they probably call it Ed-in-berg, right? *g*

OH! And they have a nudist RV park there! LOL

Better and better, I needn't bring any clothes with me LOL And if it's not Ed-in-berg, it'll likely be Edin-borrow :-( Philistines :-( ;-)

I can just see it now - 'Where are you from?'

'Edinburgh - the *real* one! No bloody A, B, C, D or E!'

LOL I can see I'm going to go down a storm in TX...

Yay! Congrats on maintaining your sanity :-) Enjoy the break and make sure that the next assignment (wherever it may be) is a little less crazy-making :-)