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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
A short little fic

The other night we had a hell of a storm. I was listening to the sound of sleet hitting the roof, and feeling the RV rock in the wind gusts. The way the motorhome was moving reminded me of the last dive trip I took and the feel of the boat rocking on the ocean. *sigh* It's been far to long, really. My buddy and I had just come to the edge of this underwater canyon when a shark swam by. It came back for a look, not aggressive, just curious. It's one of the coolest things I've ever had happen to me. I started thinking about that shark, and how Rodney would have reacted. March's pic over on pic_fic had me thinking about a masterbation scene already, and it all came together.

Thanks to Carron, castpaw_sgjd, and kellifer_fic for looking this over.

“Oh my god!” Rodney shouted, panicking, flailing as he headed toward the floating pier.

John had been baking in the sun, stretched out and relaxed on the warm boards, his shorts riding low on his hips. He sat up and looked at Rodney with concern, got to his knees, and reached out a hand to pull him up. His eyes scanned the ocean, looking for whatever danger Rodney had detected. “What?” he shouted back. “What is it?”

“Shark!” Rodney was only a few feet away now, his eyes popping and breath heaving.

John looked more deeply into the clear, turquoise water. He didn’t see anything, and then suddenly he did.

Well, goddamn. It did look like a shark.

It wasn’t acting aggressively. It had probably been swimming by, Rodney had spotted it, and it had been attracted to the flailing. It was coming back for another look, though.

“Rodney,” John said as calmly as he could, reaching further. “Take my hand.”

Their palms met and John leaned back, hauling Rodney out of the water. It was an effort. Rodney was too panicked to be much help, and he was a big guy, strong and square and solid. They ended up sprawled out, John half on top, both of them panting.

“Did you see that thing?” Rodney demanded. “It was coming right at me!” He scowled up at John. Now that the danger was past, he was pissed. “You told me I’d be safe.”

“It wasn’t coming right at you,” John said, trying to be reasonable. “It was just taking another look.”

“Evaluating the lunch potential!”

“It wasn’t looking for lunch.” Probably. “It was just wondering what all the splashing was.”

“Right,” Rodney snapped. “So this is suddenly my fault?”

“I didn’t say that, “ John said.

Rodney glared. “This is your fault, not mine. ‘Let’s play hooky’, you said. ‘We need a break’, you said. ‘Nobody will miss us for a few hours’, you said.”

“Rodney, you’re fine,” John reminded him.

“Because I was close to the pier!” Rodney snapped. “No thanks to you!”

“Hey,” John protested, slightly hurt. “I hauled your ass out of the water.”

Rodney snorted. “And just in the nick of time, too. What would have happened if I hadn’t noticed the shark? And what were you doing? Hmmm? Not watching, that’s for sure! You were . . . ” Rodney waved his hands. “Sunning yourself! Like a self-indulgent cat!”

Okay, enough. John felt an irritated prickle at the nape of his neck. Rodney could work himself up with the best of them, and he was steam rolling ahead now. John lifted himself up on his hands and shrugged in the most insulting way he could. “It wouldn’t have eaten you, Rodney,” he scoffed. “It wouldn’t have liked how you tasted.”

“Oh really?” Rodney snarled, offended. “I’ll have you know, Colonel, that I taste very good.”

They both froze. Oh shit. Had Rodney really just said that? John blinked a few times and realized that they were lying on a sun-kissed wooden platform, chest to chest, his face inches from Rodney’s and quite suddenly he wasn’t irritated anymore.

He didn’t even have to construct a picture in his head of how it would look-- he'd been imagining it for months. Rodney, alone, lying on his bed-- feet flat, knees up, cock firmly in hand, jerking off, slow and steady and hard-- then coming down from the high, muscles still twitching, hand and belly splattered with come, lifting his hand to taste.

John got hard. Fast. He’d already shifted his body to slide off Rodney, but now he shifted back, letting Rodney take more of his weight.

Rodney’s eyes got bigger. “No! I didn’t . . . that’s not what I . . .”

John dipped his head to just below Rodney’s ear and breathed, his mouth open, a primal part of him wanting to catch the slightest molecule of scent or taste. Rodney smelled like the sea, alive and salt-tangy. He breathed in again, almost sniffing, and growled in a very low voice, “You taste good?” his breath caressing, his want bleeding through.

Rodney shivered and John felt some very interesting twitching going on, twitching that wasn’t his own. He tilted his hips slightly, drawing Rodney’s attention to his cock, which was enthusiastically pressed right up snug and warm against Rodney’s hip.

“I . . .” Rodney trailed off. His cock had progressed from twitching to filling. Here he was, on his back, John over him, ringed by sunlight. He swallowed, closed his eyes, then opened them again. Maybe he was dreaming?

“You taste good?” John asked again, low and deep, looking into his eyes.

Rodney met his gaze and saw the want there, a craving that mirrored his own. “Oh my god,” he said softly. He moved his arms slowly, like he was still under water, the air suddenly thick, and cupped John’s skull in his hand. He watched as John’s eyes flicked to his lips, then back, then as John slowly lowered his head.

Until their lips touched.

All at once he realized that no, this wasn’t a dream at all. John’s mouth was soft and warm, his lips not moving, letting Rodney decide. It was a no-brainer. He licked against John’s lips, putting his whole body into it, because holy shit, it wasn’t just him.

John groaned and sank fully onto Rodney, his knee forcing Rodney’s legs apart, water droplets gluing their skin, fitting them together. He opened his mouth, then moaned when Rodney lapped inside. His own tongue slid forward, questing, tasting, testing. Rodney tasted like rich coffee and dark chocolate. “You do taste good,” John murmured.

“That’s not what I meant,” Rodney gulped.

“Hmmmm, I didn’t think so,” John said.

Rodney groaned and spread his legs more, asking. John settled in, and god it was good, the way it felt to have more skin contact, the way they just fit, the way the sun warmed his back and Rodney’s heat licked up at him from below. John bent his head and breathed in deeply again. The sun had warmed Rodney’s skin enough, or maybe he had, so that a little of Rodney’s scent was wafting up along with the smell of the sea. His mouth watered. He scooted down enough to take a nipple in his mouth, the hard little bud taut against his tongue. He heard Rodney gasp, felt his hips twitch, then bit down gently.

A shiver raced down Rodney’s spine and wrapped around his balls. He moved his hands to John’s hair, feeling the texture. John licked, then bit down again. Rodney groaned and moved, not able to stay still.

John surged up and kissed him, hard and demanding, then soft and coaxing, looking for and getting responses in kind. He could feel Rodney’s cock, full and hard between them, snugged right up against his own. “I want to taste,” John murmured, pushing his hips hard against Rodney.

“Oh god yes,” Rodney said drunkenly.

John kissed him again, hard, then slithered down.

It wasn’t at all how Rodney had imagined it would be. He’d fantasized that it would be fast and hard, a quick fuck between buddies. This was anything but. John mapped him out, took his time, claimed every inch of him. “Oh god,” Rodney choked when John finally stripped him naked, and he let his head fall back, consumed by sensation.

John buried his face in the thick bush of curls, breathing deeply. Rodney’s scent was stronger here, and he wanted it burned into his memory. One hand cupped Rodney’s balls and he licked along the crease, lapping up the salt and taste. He felt Rodney’s balls draw up tight, the soft skin clenching with every stroke of his tongue. He nudged one trembling thigh up and scooted down enough to take one ball in his mouth, sucking gently. He felt Rodney’s hands stutter over his head, wanting to touch, but not sure if he should. John caught one hand and put it firmly on his head.

“John,” Rodney whispered, running his fingers through John’s hair. Somehow it felt more real now, more connected. He gasped loudly when John took his other ball in his mouth, then again when John nuzzled right at the base of his cock, pulling the skin there gently between his lips.

John licked one single stripe up Rodney's length, closed his eyes, and swallowed him down. The taste of pre-come burst on his tongue.

Rodney was right.

Hot, smooth skin against his tongue, sensitive head scraping along the roof of his mouth, and John hadn’t spent nearly enough time playing when he felt Rodney’s cock swell even more. He was close, and John reveled in the knowledge that he had done that. He grabbed the base of Rodney’s cock firmly, sealed his lips just behind the head, and went to town, jerking and sucking fast and hard and sharp, driving Rodney over the edge.

Rodney practically choked himself to keep from screaming.

John felt the thick come shoot against the back of his throat. He moved his tongue, partly to keep Rodney going, and partly to move the taste around, get it to all the tastebuds, to savor it fully. Yep, he thought dizzily. Rodney was absolutely right.

Rodney’s belly shuddered underneath John’s head, his leg trembled underneath John’s thigh, and John was a little regretful that he wasn’t seeing Rodney’s face, seeing how he looked when he came.

Hopefully, he’d get a chance to know that look, memorize it fully, and his cock lurched at the thought of it, of seeing Rodney’s face filled with overwhelming pleasure, of getting to do this more than once, of maybe sliding inside.

Or having Rodney slide inside him.

He kept Rodney in his mouth until he had softened, until the tremors stopped quaking through him. Rodney shuddered when John gently released him though, still exquisitely sensitive. He moved up and kissed Rodney deeply, sharing the taste, his hands traveling over Rodney’s body, soothing and stroking him down.

“John,” Rodney whispered when John raised his head again. He looked into John’s eyes then wrapped his arms around John’s back and pulled him into a crushing hug. “God, John. That was . . . “

“You were right,” John murmured, then licked Rodney’s neck just below his ear. “You do taste good.”

Rodney laughed, a warm, rich sound. He hooked his leg around John’s calf and rolled them over so that he was on top. He smiled into John’s eyes. “And how do you taste?”

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That was just yummy.

And funny.

And hot.

Where were they? Not on Atlantis, I take it.

*g* Thanks! I had someone else say that Rodney didn't expect a bigger shark waiting for him on the dock. LOL

I kinda had them pictured on a floating dock. An abandoned Athosian fishing camp, perhaps? But you were right, not Atlantis. :) I probably should have set the scene up better.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! *beams*