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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Happy Things Day 3

OMG, where do I start? So many good things happened today!

First off, the lovely teand wrote me an incredibly funny, sweet, wonderful Sam/Dean fic here. You should all go read it if you haven't already. :)

Then I went down to Pike's market to hang out, because, I figured, if I wasn't going to be able to be here much longer, I needed to get as much of Seattle as I could. I drank coffee, people watched, and in general enjoyed the chaos there. It was wonderful, if not a teensy bit bitter-sweet.

After that I picked up my sister and headed out for dinner and a comedy show for my birthday. Right before we ordered drinks my phone rang. And guess what? It was the manager, for that job, the Best Job Ever job, and I got it! Somehow I managed to impress everyone I met there and I GOT THE JOB!! I still can't believe it! I feel . . . well, hell, I don't really know how I feel, but it's pretty damned awesome. *g*

Holy shit! I get to stay here! I get to make my life here! I'm still stunned.

So a wonderful fic, coffee at Pikes, dinner, JOB OFFER, comedy, then home. Too many good things in one day! How in the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Plus, I'm now 45 years old. How did that happen?!?

Current Mood: Amazed

1. Happy birthday.

2. YOU GOT THE JOB?!!!!!!!

*picks you up and swings you around*

I know you were hoping and this is such good news ^___^
Congrats *g*


It's very good news! And a wonderful birthday present.

Now I need to try to calm down enough to sleep. *g*

Happy Birthday!

What a wonderful present the universe bestowed on you today!

I'm so happy for you!!!

Thank you! I feel so very lucky.

The universe has been kind today. :)

OMG I just read your birthday fic from Teand and it was so brilliantly funny!

Thanks for sharing the link!

Isn't it wonderful? ::snuggles fic::

It's important we share these things. *g*

I knew good things were in the cards for you! HOORAY!!!!

::does happy dance:: I'm still stunned! Thank you for the vibes-- I'm sure they helped! :D

Congratulations, and a belated Happy Birthday.

Thanks T! I still can't believe I got it! I can't believe I'm 45 now, either. *g*

Yay!! Congratulations! Happy Birthday!! You totally rock.*g*

Sometimes it all just comes together perfectly, doesn't it? I'm so happy for you! ::squishes::

It doesn't happen often, but when things come together like this it's a thing of beauty.

I do totally rock! At least yesterday I did-- we'll see how long it lasts. *g*

::squishes back::

YAY! Congratulations! Is this the hospital in Anacortes or is it somewhere else around here?

YAY Carron! ::twirls you::

It's down in south Seattle. :D It's a big job, too. You've always told me I could manage people. We'll get out chance to find out! *g*


\o/! Thank you!! I didn't even think I'd want a job like this until I heard about this one. I guess it's kismet. *g*

Whoo hoo! You got the job! Yay you!

I'm still stunned! \o/!

I'm feeling so hopeful! This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for me. Plus, I get to stay here! Yesterday was a good day. *g*

Oh, congratulations! Mostly on the job, but also on reaching 45. Good for you! Isn't it a great feeling? Revel in it!

Everything is awesome right now! :D

My next plan? I'm hoping to meet my own SK, you lucky thing, you. ::hugs you::

It's all those good vibes we've been sending you. Or, you know, you're just talented, lovable, and well-qualified. :)

Glad you had a fabulous day!

The good vibes totally tipped that scale. :)

Yesterday was fabulous! Today was pretty damned good, too. ::squishes you::

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

What that what that noise was? *g*

I'm happy I'm staying too!

I'm home now. *happy, contented sigh*