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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I love travel, its the traveling I hate!

I always get incredibly nervous before I drive the RV. I've never been able to figure out why, until now. It's because something bad *always* happens.

Every single time.

I was serenely driving down a State highway I've driven four times before. It's perfect for the RV--nice and wide, no sharp curves, a straight shot. The truckers use it! I came upon one of those Dept. of Trans signs, the scrolling kind. I wasn't speeding, it just scrolled way to slowly. I got

HWY 26
45 miles
Use alt

Then I blew past. I wasn't worried. I figure there would be a big orange detour sign where I was supposed to turn. Well, more than five miles later there is a sign telling me the road is closed and to turn back. I (luckily) found a truck depot to turn around in and headed back. Right around the area I saw the original scrolling sign I saw another State Hwy heading north. Great! I turned up it, nice, wide road. Then it narrowed. Okay, that happens. Then it narrowed more and I was driving past potato farms. Okay. Then it got *really* narrow.

I called my mom and she got online and found where I was. "You need to turn around. That road ends a the lake.

I'm talking a really narrow road with a sharp drop-off on one side and rock cliffs on the other. I finally found a very small turnout so pulled in, but I couldn't get all the way off the road. I could just see it--someone driving way too fast, no room to maneuver, and me getting hit. I tried to unhook the jeep, but the pins were stuck fast. This is the first time using this towing system, so I don't know it at all. I got back in the RV (36 feet) and Inched back and forth until I barely had enough room to make the turn, praying all the time that my front tire didn't fall off the road and over the drop-off.

I damaged the jeep in the process. *sigh* But I did it. Mom got me headed in the right direction, on a well traveled road. About 5 miles down, when I had finally calmed down, it hit me. I have a hammer. I could have pounded those pins out and unhooked the jeep. *headdesk*

Oh well, it'll hopefully occur to me next time. :-(

I got to Seattle right at the height of rush hour, oh joy. And the park office was already closed when I pulled in. So I've done a basic hookup--water, electric, and wireless internet YAYYYYYYYYYY! I'll find out where they want me tomorrow. So I'm finally here, a day late and a dollar (probably more like $1000 once I get the body work estimate on the jeep) short. Now I'm going to go take a hot shower, get into my most comfy sweats, and drink a glass of wine. Well, okay, maybe the whole bottle. *g*


I'm talking a really narrow road with a sharp drop-off on one side and rock cliffs on the other.

That's awful! I'm glad you made it out ok. It reminds me of the time I tried to take my SUV down a rocky river embankment, then realized when I got to the bottom that oh yeah--no 4WD, you moron! Off road sucks :(

*one, no, make that two glasses of wine later* Yeah, it wasn't fun, that's for sure! But I'm safe, the pets are safe, the jeep will live to see another day. So all is good. :)

So, tell me--what was at the bottom of the rocky river embankment that you felt you had to go down and see? *g* Did you get back out okay, or did someone have to pull you? I was seriously considering calling in a crane today. LOL

On a brighter note, the kinda loose exhaust pipe on the RV has now been pushed firmly into place by the jeeps fender. *gg*

Well, it was a rocky trail of sorts that ran along the river and I could tell that other vehicles had driven it to get to some pretty cool fishing and camping spots. I thought 'rocks, hey no problem!' then as I got to the bottom it turned to an 'oh, shit.' I was five miles from the local highway with no cell phone service, surrounded by redwood forest and rocky river.

Thankfully, there was this family that had just arrived and I waved the older dad down. He said he had a lot of 4 wheel experience and was able to slowly get my SUV out. I swore to him, 'I'll never go off-road again, I swear!' LOL

LOL! I'm glad they showed up! Just in the nick of time, too. *g* I'd have been afraid I'd hike the five miles for cell service, then not been able to find my SUV again. *gg*

Oh SHIT! ShitshitSHIT :-( Your bonny wee jeep ::mourns::

And what on earth was Hal doing all this time? Sleeping?

::scowls at Hal::

Although yanno, if either of us was going to have fun with drop-offs, I guess I'd rather it was you than me given that I'll be 40,000 feet up LOL

Well, Hal kept isisting that I keep on Hwy 26. She did try to tell me to make a U-turn, which is what I ended up doing. Then, when I wouldn't go back the way she wanted me to, she decided to pout since I wasn't gonna listen to her anyway, and refused to talk to me the rest of the trip. LOL

OTOH, my exhaust pipe on the RV, which has always been a little loose, is now firmly pushed into place by the jeeps fender. *g* //looks for silver lining// And the mountain pass I was so worried about was a breeze!

I'm okay, if a little stressed. The pets are okay, Millie has already been outside to cat around, and I have 'net access and a good bottle of red, so all is not a total loss. I *am* glad I didn't go over that drop-off. I may have understated that a bit. It was about 200 feet down, so I may have survived but been horribly maimed, and there was no way I was going to have that! I need to be healthy for when you get here! :-D I can't wait to hug you in RL!


Next time you wanna do the potato & onion tour of central Washington, let me drive, huh?

::: points to new grey hairs ::: Yeah. I believe we talked about this before you left. Cliffs. Screaming as you pitch over the edge. Uh huh. I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?

I'll get you a list of body shops over here and for the love of God - next time, just take the freeway. ::: points to new grey hairs again :::

Glad you're over here. Ya goofball.


carron! Good to see you.

Um, is there a reason you don't use your LJ anymore?

I see that you're not logged in now and I've noticed recently that when folks mention you, they don't generally use a lj user cut.

If RL allows, I'd enjoy seeing you around more often.

Oh god, we did talk about that, didn't we? *boggles* I'm glad I wasn't running that conversation through my head when I was staring down that cliff! ::note to self: Buy Carron bottle of grey-covering haircolor::

Thanks for the body shop list! I'll be calling them. First, though, I should probably get the jeep unhooked and see how she runs. *g*

::another note to self: Always take Interstates whenever possible:: Yep! I'll be doing that from now on, have no fear.

Despite it all, I'm very, very glad I'm here! *hugs you*

Whew, I'm glad you're ok.

Oh yeah, me too! I kept seeing that drop-off while I was trying to fall alseep last night. *shudders* Still, all is okay. I don't think I want to do that again. *g* /hugs you/

::hugs you back::

I once had a similar experience as a passenger when a friend (16 or 17 yrs old) had to turn around and there was barely enough room to drive, much less turn. She was so scared that she didn't know exactly what to do, she couldn't see how close she was to the edge but she was too scared for me to get out and try to direct her. I still don't know how we made it without going over the edge.

dear God I'm hyperventilating just thinking about this! You are one brave woman! Hugs you! Thank God you made it there in one peice. Enjoy the red!

*holds hands like scales* Brave . . . stoopid . . . brave? . . . stoopid. The jury is still out on that one. *g*

The red was lovely and took the edge off. I'm looking out the windshield now, and it's a lovely park! Lots of grass and trees. I think I'll be quite content here for the next month or so. *snuggles you*

That sounds rather harrowing. Glad you made it (mostly) in one piece.

Oh yeah. That most certainly wasn't on my List of Fun Things To Do. It'll probably take me a while to get over that one. LOL I'm just glad to be here! The park is beautiful. It's a great place for me to spend my time off. Well, okay, maybe a Caribbean Island would be better. *g*


*ahem!* Hint much there, toots? LOL


And that was from me - but you probably knew that. hehehe


ROFL!! I didn't even think about that! I was thinking more along the lines of Belize, rum punch, and cabana boys. *g*

Oh jeez, see simple things and you just don't mix do they?

Glad you got there, and hey, have a great time doing everything toutisty (is that a word, I'm never sure).


I do seem to have bad luck with simple things, don't I? LOL I think it's a test of my stubborness. I usually refuse to give up and things usually work out in my favor in the end. :)

We'll have a great time doing the tourist thing! It would be better if you were here too, though. *hugs you silly*