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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I love travel, its the traveling I hate!

I always get incredibly nervous before I drive the RV. I've never been able to figure out why, until now. It's because something bad *always* happens.

Every single time.

I was serenely driving down a State highway I've driven four times before. It's perfect for the RV--nice and wide, no sharp curves, a straight shot. The truckers use it! I came upon one of those Dept. of Trans signs, the scrolling kind. I wasn't speeding, it just scrolled way to slowly. I got

HWY 26
45 miles
Use alt

Then I blew past. I wasn't worried. I figure there would be a big orange detour sign where I was supposed to turn. Well, more than five miles later there is a sign telling me the road is closed and to turn back. I (luckily) found a truck depot to turn around in and headed back. Right around the area I saw the original scrolling sign I saw another State Hwy heading north. Great! I turned up it, nice, wide road. Then it narrowed. Okay, that happens. Then it narrowed more and I was driving past potato farms. Okay. Then it got *really* narrow.

I called my mom and she got online and found where I was. "You need to turn around. That road ends a the lake.

I'm talking a really narrow road with a sharp drop-off on one side and rock cliffs on the other. I finally found a very small turnout so pulled in, but I couldn't get all the way off the road. I could just see it--someone driving way too fast, no room to maneuver, and me getting hit. I tried to unhook the jeep, but the pins were stuck fast. This is the first time using this towing system, so I don't know it at all. I got back in the RV (36 feet) and Inched back and forth until I barely had enough room to make the turn, praying all the time that my front tire didn't fall off the road and over the drop-off.

I damaged the jeep in the process. *sigh* But I did it. Mom got me headed in the right direction, on a well traveled road. About 5 miles down, when I had finally calmed down, it hit me. I have a hammer. I could have pounded those pins out and unhooked the jeep. *headdesk*

Oh well, it'll hopefully occur to me next time. :-(

I got to Seattle right at the height of rush hour, oh joy. And the park office was already closed when I pulled in. So I've done a basic hookup--water, electric, and wireless internet YAYYYYYYYYYY! I'll find out where they want me tomorrow. So I'm finally here, a day late and a dollar (probably more like $1000 once I get the body work estimate on the jeep) short. Now I'm going to go take a hot shower, get into my most comfy sweats, and drink a glass of wine. Well, okay, maybe the whole bottle. *g*


Oh SHIT! ShitshitSHIT :-( Your bonny wee jeep ::mourns::

And what on earth was Hal doing all this time? Sleeping?

::scowls at Hal::

Although yanno, if either of us was going to have fun with drop-offs, I guess I'd rather it was you than me given that I'll be 40,000 feet up LOL

Well, Hal kept isisting that I keep on Hwy 26. She did try to tell me to make a U-turn, which is what I ended up doing. Then, when I wouldn't go back the way she wanted me to, she decided to pout since I wasn't gonna listen to her anyway, and refused to talk to me the rest of the trip. LOL

OTOH, my exhaust pipe on the RV, which has always been a little loose, is now firmly pushed into place by the jeeps fender. *g* //looks for silver lining// And the mountain pass I was so worried about was a breeze!

I'm okay, if a little stressed. The pets are okay, Millie has already been outside to cat around, and I have 'net access and a good bottle of red, so all is not a total loss. I *am* glad I didn't go over that drop-off. I may have understated that a bit. It was about 200 feet down, so I may have survived but been horribly maimed, and there was no way I was going to have that! I need to be healthy for when you get here! :-D I can't wait to hug you in RL!