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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Happy things day 7

First day of work! It didn't go quite as smoothly as I would have liked-- mostly because the person training me didn't actually train me but made me watch her do stuff. I'm one of those people who needs to push the buttons to figure things out! However, tomorrow is another day. :)

INTERNET! I couldn't stand being without even for a few days, so I had the web service activated on my phone today. I'm currently using that as my modem, and it's doing pretty damned well. I'll see how I like it for the next few days, and if I can keep up these connection speeds, I may cancel the Comcast install.

Current Mood: soresore

Let's hope today they let you play with the buttons. That's how I learn as well, but when I try to train people that way, I get hollared at by the big wigs saying that I'm making them do my work. Umm? Sure.

As for using your phone as a modem, yay! But make sure that you call your phone carrier and see if tethering is included in your plan. I have it included on mine, but it's only for when it's an emergency or I'm out and away from home. Enjoy comcast. I have them here. But I don't generally have any problems with them but the cost of it all.

Sometimes you're damned if you do, and damed if you don't. *g*

I got the right plan from the tech support guy, so I hope it's the correct one. I was planning on getting rid of it once I had Comcast, but I think I like it, so it might be here to stay. :)