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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Today was somewhat successful

I took the jeep in and all they need to do is replace the bumper. YAYY! The frame isn't bent. I was worried.

I had to unhook the RV and go get propane, cuz the tank was really low and I figured catspaw_sgjd would like hot water. *g* The fill station is in the park so I didn't have to go far. This nice gentleman came out of the office to help me, saw me climb out of the rig and said, "You drive that?"

"Yes, I do."

"All by yourself?"


His eyes got really big, he looked at me admiringly, and said, "Wow! What a woman!"

LOLOL! I didn't tell him I almost drove it off a cliff yesterday. I didn't want to shatter any illusions or anything. *g*

So now I'm all hooked up, the satellite dish is vectored in, laundry is done, I'm mostly unpacked, and I'm in the process of dusting and cleaning.

Wasn't I supposed to be on vacation?

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied

You must immediately take piccis of the whole thing and post them. I am dead curious to see it

I'll have to do that!

Actually, I have *no* idea how to do that. *g* But Cats does, and she'll be here in 7 hours now! *bounces* I'll see what I can do about getting some pics put up. :)

yes Im sure cats will know how. All you really need is a way of getting the pics for the digital camera onto the pc.