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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

Can't have catspaw_sgjd sitting in her chair forever! Here's a bit of a fic, just the sex scene really, for your amusement.

Daniel was overwhelmed by Jack. He had hoped for passion, but not this riveted focus on his body. He shivered in delight when Jack found a hot spot then shivered again when Jack came back to it, making sure it was an erogenous zone, memorizing every place that produced a reaction, the amount of pressure and speed of stroking that yielded the strongest response. Daniel realized that Jack wasn’t having sex, he was making love, and was awed as that knowledge washed though him.

Jack turned him onto his side, and asked softly, “Lube?” Daniel groaned, and reached under the pillow where he had placed the tube. He handed it back to Jack, then lifted his upper leg towards his chest, opening his body.

Jack breathed in sharply, and let his gaze travel over the man next to him. The sight of Daniel opening for him was intoxicating. He groaned, and popped the cap, pouring some of the cool gel onto his fingers. He parted Daniel’s buttocks, and lightly ringed the puckered muscle, teasing the entrance. Daniel pushed back. “Impatient,” Jack said softly. Daniel moaned and writhed his hips, encouraging him to continue. Jack circled the muscle again, and gently pushed a fingertip inside, meeting the first ring of resistance. Daniel breathed deeply, and relaxed. Jack pushed deeper, until his finger was buried. He slowly twisted and pumped, letting Daniel get used to the feel.

“More,” Daniel breathed.

Jack withdrew slightly, poured more lube onto his fingers, then pushed in with two. He wiggled the tips, twisted slowly, opening Daniel. He reached forward, and lightly brushed Daniel’s prostate.

Daniel arched and gasped, the warm tingle shooting through him. How could he have forgotten it felt like that? “God, Jack! More!” he urged.

Jack chuckled, immensely pleased at the response, and added a third finger. He stroked deeply, only occasionally grazing over the prostate. He withdrew his fingers for the last time, hearing Daniel’s gasp at the loss. He reached for the lube again, and slicked up his cock, then stretched out behind Daniel, positioned himself at the puckered entrance, and pushed. He felt a tight resistance, and stopped, giving Daniel time to adjust.

Daniel took a deep breath, and let it out harshly, bearing down at the same time, forcing the muscles to relax.

Jack slid forward, meeting the second ring of resistance. He held still, then everything released and he slid in, balls deep, to engulfing, wet heat.

They both groaned at the sudden feeling of connection.

Jack wrapped one arm firmly around Daniel’s waist, the other under him and crossed up over his chest, clasping his shoulder. He pulled him close, feeling every tremor in his body, every breath, every rapid heartbeat. He started to thrust slowly, loving the shivers that resulted from his brushes over the Daniel's prostate.

Daniel held still for a few moments, getting used to the feel of Jack, then started slowly circling his hips, maximizing the sensations of penetration. He grasped the hand on his shoulder, drew it gently to his mouth, and sucked two fingers inside.

Jack moaned, a deep, wrenching sound, and shuddered. He was immersed in heat. Searing heat radiating from Daniel’s body, the hot, wet heat of his passage, the soft, moist heat of his mouth. He tried to pull Daniel closer.

Daniel snuggled back into him, and started sucking gently to the rhythm of their lovemaking.

“Daniel,” Jack breathed. He brought his lips to Daniel’s neck, started sucking and licking on the pulse point, and was rewarded with a tremor that shook Daniel's entire body. Jack’s awareness focused completely on the sensations crashing through him. He was conscious only of the smooth skin under his hand, the deep, breathing movements of the back pressed to his chest, the rushing of blood, the heat surrounding his cock, the suckling of his fingers, the soft moans issuing from Daniel’s throat, and the constant shudders coursing through them both.

Daniel lost himself in the rhythm of their lovemaking, mesmerized by the friction, the slow push and pull. He was surrounded by Jack. His smell, his heat, his taste, the exquisite feeling of Jack filling him. He came back to awareness when he felt a low tingling start in the small of his back, wrapping around and encompassing his balls. He took Jack’s fingers from his mouth, not wanting to bite them, and moved the hand to his cock, encouraging the fingers to wrap around his pulsing shaft.

Jack felt his own balls tighten in response. He gripped the hard shaft and pulled firmly, twisting his fist slightly at the end. “You first,” he whispered. “Come for me, Daniel!” He sped up his strokes, both his hand and his hips, and rushed Daniel towards completion.

“Yeeessss!” Daniel hissed, as a thumb ghosted over his cockhead. His body jerked slightly. He started thrusting into Jack’s tight fist. It only took a few more strokes. The tingling spread throughout his body, then constricted down to his groin, then raced out again in lightening fast waves. “JACK!” His body curled up, then he arched back, and came, hard, shooting come over Jack’s fist, convulsing against his chest, jerking through his orgasm.

“Fuck yeah,” Jack breathed. He stroked in time to Daniel’s clenching, making it last, drawing it out. He was acutely of every twitch and tremor, focused on his lover’s body, then became aware of his own. He thrust strongly into Daniel, speeding towards his own completion. “Daniel!” His orgasm hit him hard, his muscles locked up, then let go in a burst of pleasure. He jerked his hips forward, emptying into Daniel's spasming body, the rhythmic squeezing milking his release.

They floated back to awareness, still entwined. "What made you take the chance?" Daniel asked softly.

"I realized I couldn't be without you," Jack whispered into his nape.

"About time!" Daniel snuggled closer and let his eyes drift shut, allowing himself to fall into a deep, contented sleep.

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Glued to the chair here. Damn empathy anyway.

So while I'm peeling myself off - think massage

I'm working on it as we speak!