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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Fic for Teand

I wrote this silly little thing for teand's birthday. I sent it to her, but didn't have time to post it until today.

SPN J2-- Adult

Thanks to catspaw_sgjd for looking it over!

This definitely needs an innuendo warning. *g*

Sarah looked out her opened window when she heard the engine gunning, the flashy Corvette's tires practically shrieking as it turned into the driveway across the street. She frowned as she watched the two boys leap out of the car, in an obvious hurry. It wasn't like the taller one, Jared, to drive like that. Her disapproval turned to worry as she watched them sprint up the front walk, not even taking the time to put the car in the garage like they usually did. In fact, the other one, Jensen, had to run back and shut his car door-- he'd been in such a hurry he'd left it open.

Jared had been back for a few days. She'd seen him out walking his dogs. This was the first she'd seen of Jensen since the beginning of summer.

The dogs. Maybe there was something wrong with the dogs? But as she watched Jensen dash back to where Jared was struggling with the front door, she saw both of them smiling.

Sarah felt a little rush of relief. They looked happy, so there probably wasn't an emergency of some kind.

Still, it was odd.

Sarah was nothing if not a good neighbor. She'd already welcomed Jared home when he'd walked by while she was weeding her garden.

The timer in the kitchen went off. Sarah turned and made her way to the back of the house. She's baked a chicken casserole for the church potluck tonight and its heavenly smells wafted through the house. She pulled it out of the oven, admiring the perfectly browned topping and sauce bubbling up around the edges.

A very good neighbor would do more than simply wave hello from the garden, and Sarah prided herself on being the best neighbor she could be. She checked the clock quickly, and yes, she had time to make another casserole for the potluck. The neighborly thing to do would be to take this one over to the boys' house and welcome them back properly.

She placed the dish carefully in an insulated carrying case and slipped a few of the most recent issues of Watchtower into the outside pocket. She'd spoken to the boys about her church, and they'd listened to her impassioned talks-- such polite young men. They were usually so busy working that she'd only caught them a few times.

Sarah lifted the meal and left her house, walking briskly up the front walk to her neighbor's door. It was a lovely door, she noted-- one of those doors that was half wood and half frosted and beveled glass. It was impossible to make out details, but she could see a dark shape just inside.

"Fucking hell," Jensen said, laughing and panting at the same time. It was like being molested by an octopus-- hands everywhere. "Bedroom."

"Later," Jared said, sinking to his knees and pushing Jensen back against the door. His hands were busy, trying to worm their way inside Jensen's clothes, because he had to feel skin right now.

"Fuck," Jensen breathed again. It was impossible to stop Jared when he was like this, all pushy and needy.

Not that Jensen minded. But their bed would be more comfortable, and . . .

All thought pretty much stopped right then because Jared had managed to get Jensen's pants open and he hand was engulfing him, squeezing and touching, fingertips grazing, learning Jensen's body again.

"Missed you," Jared murmured, staring at Jensen's cock-- how flushed and eager and fat it was.

Jensen choked out a laugh, carding his fingers through Jared's hair. "You talking to me or my dick?"

"Both," Jared confessed, and dipped his head, letting his tongue drag from about half way up the shaft to the tip, savoring, teasing himself for a brief moment before he let the tip of his tongue dip inside to taste, his cock straining against his pants at the smell and sound and taste of Jensen being in his space again.

He'd just swallowed Jensen down, the tip of his cock nudging the back of Jared's throat, when there was a knock on the door.

They both froze.

"Ignore it," Jared said, low and gravelly.

"Dude," Jensen answered, his voice sounding fucked out. "The door is half glass. Whoever it is knows I'm right fucking here."

"Ignore it," Jared said again, insistent, stroking Jensen's cock a few times to make his point.

A knock sounded again.

"Shit," Jensen said, pushing Jared back to give himself some room. He stuffed himself back inside his pants and zipped up. Jared stayed on the floor, but scooted over to the side, a disgruntled look on his face. "Don't pout," Jensen warned, then raked his fingers through his hair in frustration. "And don't go too far," he warned, his voice low, before turning to open the door, a fake smile pasted on his face.

He groaned inside his head when he saw who was there. It was Missus . . . what was her name? Miller. Missus Miller.

"Welcome home!" Sarah said brightly, holding up the casserole. "I thought that you boys might like something easy on your first night home together."

Easy? Jensen's brain immediately went with the word, in a sex-starved kind of way, because yeah, he'd been thinking of easy too, the slow, easy kind of sex that lasts for hours and hours.

Right after the hard, frantic, it's-been-too-long kind of sex they'd just started.

"Easy is good," Jensen agreed dryly, reaching for the carrier. "This was very kind of you."

Sarah had a thought as she passed the dish over, a worrisome kind of thought. These boys were from Hollywood, and they might have some strange notions. "You eat meat, right?" she asked worriedly.

Jensen blinked, Jared's spit was still drying on his cock, and he was still hard, and he couldn't wait to taste Jared himself, and his nice, polite neighbor was asking him if he ate meat . . . "Uh, yeah," he confirmed, accepting the meal. "In fact," he added emphatically, "I love meat."

He heard Jared snort a laugh. He flipped Jared off behind his back, so that Missus Miller couldn't see.

"Oh, good!" Sarah said happily. "It's chicken." Then she added hastily, "We don't choke our chickens, so it's prepared the way the bible says it should be. You wouldn't choke a chicken, would you?"

Jensen almost strangled on his own spit trying to swallow the hysterical laughter threatening to bubble up. "Only as a last resort," he said, as evenly as he could manage, ignoring Jared for all he was worth because he could feel the waves of glee coming from that direction.

Okay, maybe it was more than glee. Jensen heard Jared's zipper going down, and the rustling of clothes, and he saw Jared lick his palm out of the corner of his eye. He was . . . right here in the entry way.

With Missus Miller standing right outside the door.

Goddamn it. Jensen was an actor, a damned good actor, and he'd had years of practice delivering his lines with Jared off to the side trying to distract him. He could carry on a brief conversation without cracking. He straightened his shoulders a bit and ignored Jared, and Jared's cock, as best he could.

There would definitely be hell to pay later, though.

"You should never choke your chicken," Sarah continued adamantly. "The Church clearly states that all meat should be drained."

Meat? Drained? Jensen felt a kind of hysterical laughter trying to bubble its way out of him. He was suddenly hyper-aware of his balls, how heavy and full they were. He nodded, biting his lip. "Drained meat is definitely better."

"Oh, yeah," Jared whispered, his voice low and rich and dirty.

That's all Jensen wanted right now, the bigger part of his brain fixating on it-- pushing Jared back, climbing on, and riding him until they were both drained and sated.

"It was so nice of Jared to give you a ride," Sarah said warmly.

Jensen felt a jolt of adrenalin. Was she psychic or something?

"I'm sure it's a tight fit, though. You're both big boys!"

Jensen felt his breath catch in his chest. The soft sounds coming from Jared stopped too. Had she really just . . .

Something must have shown on Jensen's face, because Sarah gestured toward the Corvette. "It's such a nice car, but it can't have much room."

Oh! Jensen's brain started working again. So did Jared. Jensen could see his arm moving. The bastard. "It is a tight fit," Jensen confirmed blandly. "But it works well for us."

Sarah nodded. "I'm sure it does," she said, smiling. "I know you eat out a lot, so I thought a home made casserole would be a nice change."

Okay, this was getting surreal. Jensen nodded, agreeing with her. "We do eat out a lot," he confided. Jared snickered.

Jensen kicked out at him. The fucker.

"I thought so," Sarah said knowingly. "You know, we're having a potluck at our church. You two should come together!"

Jensen could feel the strain of trying to keep his face neutral in his cheek muscles. "We try to come together," he said evenly, "but it doesn't always work out that way."

Jensen's ears were picking up a change in the porny sounds coming from the peanut gallery. He knew those sounds and what they meant. Jared was speeding up his strokes, probably cupping his balls, and possibly working a finger back to rub at his hole, maybe push a little inside. He was getting closer.

He was also a dead man.

Sarah smiled knowingly. "I'm sure your shooting schedules make it difficult."

Fine. If Jared wanted to play, Jensen could too.

At least a little bit.

"Yes," he said, letting his voice deepen the tiniest bit. "Sometimes we do shoot on different schedules, but mostly we shoot together." He casually cocked his hip and leaned against the door jam. Jared always teased him about this pose, but his eyes got dark whenever Jensen struck it. He got a barely audible moan as a reward.

"You two always work so late. I remember back when we were first married," Sarah said. "Mister Miller worked the late night shift, and he always said that bed was his favorite place. I'm sure you feel the same way."

"Yeah," Jensen said, not-quite-idly scratching his belly, letting his shirt ride up a little. "Bed is definitely my favorite place." Plus the couch, the floor, the shower, the kitchen counters, the . . .

"Jensen," Jared breathed, his voice urgent and needy.

The sound of Jared's voice went straight to Jensen's cock. He felt a jolt of arousal deep in his belly. He shifted his weight, mind shuffling through excuses for ending the conversation. His dick was telling him that the innuendo had gone on long enough.

Thank god Missus Miller said, "Well, I'm sure you need to get busy, after being gone so long."

"Getting busy is at the top of my priority list," Jensen said sincerely.

"All right. You boys have a good time!"

"That's the plan," Jensen confirmed.

He shut the door and turned to Jared, scowling. "You're going down, you asshole."

Jared laughed, deep and throaty. "I was trying to!" he protested.

Jensen set the casserole on the floor, then stalked forward and tackled Jared.

Jared wrapped his arms and legs around Jensen, pulling him in close. "I love it when you talk dirty," he said, still laughing.

"I love it when you can't talk because your mouth is full of my dick," Jensen countered, struggling to keep a grin off his face.

"Bed?" Jared offered, sliding his hand down the back of Jensen's jeans.

"Floor," Jensen answered, and shut Jared up with a kiss.

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*laughs out loud* I love the fact that you managed to combine hot dirty porny deliciousness, nice neighbors, and proselytizing in the SAME STORY. \o/! That's amazing. Seriously. I bow before you. :D

Thank you! *g* I had a lot of fun writing this. Actually, Cats should get half credit, because we spent a fun hour or so coming up with the lines for the conversation. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you!

You're welcome! Cats deserves a lot of the credit-- she helped me come up with the lines for that conversation. *g*

"Drained meat is definitely better."

0__0 OMG you so did not! LOL! Awesome use of innuendo in this fic, plus very hot :D Sup, girl--I've been AWOL, but sort-of-kinda back. Let me know if you wish to visit the oily gulf coast! :p (though to be honest, my area's not bad--LA got the worst of it)

Hey you! ::hugs you::

It's good to hear from you! I've seen that you've been showing up here and there lately. Welcome back!

Sorry it took a few days for me to answer you. I was diving in the Bahamas, and just today got back to the real world. :( I'm going through culture shock. *g*

I so did! :D It's wrong and bad, and was sooooo much fun to write.

My heart breaks for the gulf. :( What a horrible, horrible thing that's happening there. I hope your neck of the woods gets spared. ::fingers crossed::

I'm glad you're back! You have been missed. ::hugs you again::

The Bahamas?! You suck! LOL It's just envy--I've never been. Maybe the tropical storm will blow all the oil away. Who knows! ::hugs back:: See you around! ^_^