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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Cats and dogs sometimes don't mix

catspaw_sgjd has been here for several days now and we've been busy busy! Done lots of touristy stuff, but mostly she's bonded with my cat. She always told me she got along much better with felines, but I had no idea how far she, and my own cat, were willing to go to get rid of the dog. This morning, I woke up to find Millie contentedly sitting on Cats' lap, purring away, staring up into her face. Cats was whispering sweet nothings and scratching behind her ears. I thought they were just sharing a quiet moment, but alas, it appears I was wrong. My cat was obviously using her Hypnotic Powers to get Cats to do her bidding.

I should have known something was up when Cats looked at me and said, "That great hearthrug of a dog muscles her way in whenever Millie wants a scritch." Then, she looked down at Millie and said, "Darling, you need to work your way up in the pecking order around here."

So, after a long day seeing sights we finally get home, both of us get the computers out, and we sit down to check e-mail. I keep the RV dark at night to keep the parrots quiet, and my poor dog is black. Suddenly, I hear this loud 'click'. Cats melodramatically exclaims, "Oh god, I just kicked your dog under the chin!" She very contritely patted the dog on her head and apologized. Not five minutes later Cats gets up for another cup of tea. I hear a yelp. Cats exclaims, "I just stepped on your dog!" The poor thing doesn't know where to be at this point, and it should be noted that the cat is looking fairly smug.

I have armed the dog with a large knife, given her permission to defend herself, and am considering making *both* Cats sleep in the jeep.


Poor puppy dog. ::pets::

*looks at cute icon* I know! Poor thing. She's so good-natured, too. Which is probably a good thing, considering how many times she got stepped on. *shakes head*

She's crashed out right now, though, content in the knowlege she can sleep in peace. :)