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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Have you ever heard of this?

The strangest thing happened this morning.

This morning catspaw_sgjd and I went to do some shopping before she headed back home. I walked around the front of the jeep and something seemed. . . off. I paused and looked, then stopped and stood blinking, my mind not quite able to grasp it. "It healed itself," I said in shock.


"The jeep healed itself."

Cats walked over to the front of the jeep, and there we stood, blinking. *g* This had been no little ding. It was a fist sized dent about two inches deep, but it was completely gone now.

"Are you sure it was dented and not just an optical illusion?" Cats asked in disbelief.

"Well, you saw it, right?"


We both leaned over, staring. There are a few scratches in the paint, and that's it. The bumper is smooth as can be now.

It took us around an hour to get over the shock. LOL I have absolutely no idea what happened. I'll have to ask the body shop people. Maybe the bumper warmed up and popped back out? Cats suggested dent faeries. I firmly stated that the jeep loved me and had healed itself. I can't wait to see the look on the faces of the people in the shop when they see it.

catspaw_sgjd is currently winging her way back across the pond. I can't believe the week is done already! We had so much fun, but then, we always do. I am *not* counting the months until I go to her part of the world. ::is so lucky::

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy

If your jeep healed, doesn't that mean it's alive?

Maybe Cats gave it life when she pushed the wrong button?

Be careful at least until you find out what it eats. ;-)


Jeeps eat MiniCoopers and poop out Vespa scooters. ::: nods ::: Yep, I don't think Jen realizes that yet. But you watch - there won't be any MiniCoopers anywhere around for days. Then there'll be one, and the next day, Vespas every damned where.

It's spooooky.

Hi MsB!



Hi Carron.

I suppose that if trucks can have balls, Jeeps can poop scooters. *g*

ROFL!!! Those truck balls were too funny! In fact, there were several moments when Cats and I just blinked at each other. "What the hell was that?" *gg*

I'm gonna get the ones on the key chain for my mom for Mother's Day. I'm not sure if the key chains come in all the colors, but I'm having a hard time deciding between something that looks remotely flesh colored or blue balls.

Oh dear god. They make keychains like that too? ROFL!!!

Hmmmm, flesh or blue? Flesh or blue? It would depend on my mood at the time. *g*

Cats certainly did *something* when she pushed that button! Maybe the jeep was so mortified by all the attention it decided to get rid of the blemish? *g*

I think it eats bad neighbors and their little dogs. They let the dog out and the thing comes over to my site to do its business. The jeep decided to take care of that for me as well. *g*

What a good Jeep. *g*