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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Six weird habits meme

Tagged by nicci_mac

1. I think about slash all the time. I mean, really all the time. It's become a compulsion. *g*

2. I talk to myself, out loud, and yes, answer myself, too. But at least I answer myself in my own voice, so that makes it okay, right? LOL

3. I think of things in Disaster Movie terms. For instance--A friend of mine lives near the water in Seattle. I stand in front of her building and look at the water and think, "Okay, when the Big Tsunami hits, she'll probably be okay because the water won't make it all the way up this hill." Then I turn and look at her building and think, "But that building was built in the early 1900's, so the Big Earthquake that precedes the Big Tsunami will reduce it to rubble." *palmface*

4. I think of life events in BJ or AJ (before John and After John) terms. My world pretty much ended when he left, so I categorize things in before or after rebuilding timeframes. I *really* need to stop doing this.

5. I'm addicted to stupid little games, like the ones where you match three symbols and they disappear on the grid, and the whole column falls. I find it incredibly soothing for some reason.

6. I get addicted to other games, too! Like Diablo II, or The Longest Journey. I adore them! I think about them all the time, hear the music in my head, plot and plan while I'm not playing, complain that I shouldn't be at work, cuz I've got Artifacts to find! People to save! Evil Tyrants to overthrow! LOL

Current Mood: okayokay

oh yeah, I hear you on the game addiction. I used to be addicted to Might and Magic, and I would dream about it, then wake up and have to go down immediately and try out what I'd dreamed!!

OMG!! YES! Me too! In fact, everyone at work was addicted, which made it so much fun! I'd go in and ask, "How did you kill that gold dragon?" And get tips. *g* I think it was M&M6 where I blew up the world. I finally destroyed the Demon hive ship, and the camera pulled out, the town blew up, then the camera pulled out, the world blew up, then the shockwave got the moon. I was absolutely *mortified*, complete with adrenalin dump and all! I told everyone at work, and they all went home and tried it, just to see what happened. *g* Thank god a screen came up saying, "You did manage to rid the world of demons, but you destroyed it in the process. You may want to find the Mass Containment spell." LOL It took me another two months of playing to find the damned thing. :)

Hi! I was looking for slashers in the CO area (my home state, though I now live in TN). I'm a huge SG fan -both shows- though I can't get into SG slash. Tend to go the Viggo/Orlando route for that. I've friended you, but if that is a problem, let me know and I'll gladly undo it.

Not at all! The more the merrier! :) I'm not in Colorado at the moment, though. I travel all over for work. I do still consider it home, though. Maybe my next assignment will be there? My friends and family want me back. LOL

Do you write? SG-1 and SGA are my two fandoms. Maybe I can bring you into the fold. *g*

I don't write SG fic, but I read a lot of it. Just haven't had that one plot bunny bite me to get me going. Primarily I write LOTRPS. I'm looking forward to going back to CO some time this year for a mini-vacation to visit my mom and one of my sisters.

Maybe you can inspire my SG bunnies! :-D

I may be going back myself in a month or two, who knows? *shrugs* I do miss it terribly.

As long as you read SG slash we have something in common! *beams*

What's a nice Colorado girl doing in TN?

Long story short:
Family moved back here in 84, married hubby in 89, came back to CO but he couldn't find work away from Pueblo/CS/Denver areas so we moved back to TN.
We're both about ready to move back to CO though. The only thing keeping us here is I have a fantastic job with super people to work with.

Happy Birthday

Um... the comment's nothing to do with your post - sorry - just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Re: Happy Birthday

Thank you Terry! :-) It's good to see you here! I'll see you again in November, right?

Re: Happy Birthday

It's crazy :-). I've got no desire to go to the con, but yes, I imagine I'll be there to catch up with all you guys!

Of course, if you fancy another visitor... :-)

Have a great day.


Re: Happy Birthday

It'll be good to see you again! That's pretty much why I'm going, too. *g* Of course you can come visit! ::note to self: get laundry done so guests have fresh sheets and towels:: *g*