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October 2009
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Gakked from mmmchelle

Is there a character type that you fall for every time, e.g. the hero, the bad boy, the geek, the anti-hero?

No. Who I fall for doesn't seem to have any rhyme nor reason. I was head over heals for Duncan in Highlander. I started watching SG-1 because of RDA, but found his character a little too abrasive to be smitten with. I did, however, become completely enamoured with Daniel. I adore the goofiness of John in SGA, and there is just something about Lex. . . *g*

What about sex in fic--must have; can take it or leave it; how many times can you insert Tab A into Slot B?

I prefer fic with sex, but it can't be just thrown in there. It's got to flow naturally from the story, what's going on, where the characters are at that moment. I love PWP's, but I've still got to buy the scenario, or I won't read.

Slash, het, gen, or give me it all, babe?

Slash. Most definitely. I'll occasionally read het, but it's usually from an author I know well. I confess that once I find an author I like I'll read pretty much anything they post, including the odd femslash. *g*

Are there any types of stories you crave, i.e. hurt/comfort, humor, AUs, adventure, kink etc?

Not really. It all depends on what mood I'm in. I do have a soft spot for a well-written aliens-made-em and I love FT fics.

OTP--Do you have one, or do you like to read a range of pairings?

It depends on the story. I'm mostly a OTP girl, but I have been known to stray for a good cause. There are some pairing that I can't read because I just don't *see* it.

Bullet proof kink--Do you have any and are you willing to share?

I've got plenty of kinks, but none that will keep me reading a badly written story. I can usually make it through a two cringes, but the third one and I hit the back button in a knee-jerk response. LOL

Current Mood: goodgood

You answered! Yay!!

And happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Thank you! I did have a nice birthday. Actually, I think the leftover chocolate cake is calling my name. . . *g*

It's fun to read these meme's. I like seeing how people think. :)