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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Abercrombie and Fitch story

Okay, I can tell this now that the package has been delivered and the surprise won't be spoiled. On catspaw_sgjd's last day we had a little fun. *g* A very good friend had. . . umm . . . procured some porn for me. I'm talking a great big stack of the stuff. It must have taken him *weeks* to burn it all for me. I wanted to give him a little thank you gift, so Cats and I went to the mall and found the A&F store.

First off, there were some very very nice *huge* posters. Naked abs, naked chests, naked arms, unzipped jeans--we both stopped and stared for a while. Cats made gimmee motions with her hands. I just drooled. *g* The 20-somethings in the store just rolled their eyes at us. LOL We started looking around and I found myself in the back at this table. There was a t-shirt there that said something like, "NY city bird club. For those who are fans of the Swallow." I just stared for a moment. Okay, yes I'm a dirty old lady, but that seemed pretty obvious to me. I called Cats over and she stared too, then looked at me and grinned, saying, "That's perfect!" So I found what I hoped was the right size.

Right next to that was another pile of t-shirts. I ended up staring at that too, because these said something like, "Ski club. For those who enjoy the extra inches." *blinks* LOLOL Okay, that one was perfect too! So I decided to get both.

We walked up to the cash register. A very very cute 20-something guy was manning it. He glanced at me then dismissed me as somebody he wouldn 't be remotely interested in talking to. He shook out the t-shirt and froze. He got this incredulous look in his eyes and looked up at me, re-evaluating. I just smiled sweetly. He got this mischievous twinkle in his eyes and said, "This is my favorite shirt, " indicating the swallow one. I nodded and said that I liked that one, too. He opened his mouth to say more but I could see him deciding he really didn't want to have that conversation with a middle aged woman. ROFL!!! What fun! Cats and I left the store giggling madly. *g*

Current Mood: chipperchipper

That does sound like fun. It's always nice to surprise people.

I think we shocked him to the core! *g* I've always liked challenging pre-conceived notions. :)

Heh, that wee lad was so cute - I could cheerfully have brought him home with me *g*. And swallows *need* to be supported, there are probably nowhere near enough of them around. So folks, support the swallow! I know I do!

He was too cute, wasn't he? I'm sure your family would have just *loved* a new member! *g*

And yes, *nods* there definitely isn't enough swallowing aren't enough Swallows in the world. :)

I love trips that turn out so well.. and fun! :-)

Oh yeah, me too! I'll never forget the look on that guys face. *g* Too cute!