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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Nothing like the smell of something burning

I woke up around 7am today, which is unheard of for me. What? I'm still on vacation! *g* So anyway, woke up to the horrible, acrid/melting plastic/electric stench. The birds were fine, thank god, but I was coughing my lungs out.

I looked at the dash and saw that the cat had stepped on the 'utility light' switch and turned them on. I flipped the switch, grabbed the fire extinguisher, and went outside(still in my jammies, btw *g*). I figured something had shifted against one of the lights in the storage area underneath. I opened all the doors, nothing. Okay, weird. I climbed back into the RV. God, it was even worse! I started looking around. Well, the outlet that I had the computer plugged into, or rather, the surge protector, was half melted and had smoke curling up out of it.

Let me just pause for a moment to say that I'm not usually at my best in the morning.

I actually did pretty good with this! The first thing I did was flip the circuit breakers, all of them. The second thing I did was grab the extinguisher. Then I pulled the surge protector out. Half of it stuck to the plate, because it had all fused together. I opened all the windows to air the place out and called an electrician. I've been waiting most of the day, without electricity, for him to get here. There was no way I was turning the power back on, not even thing that weren't on the same circuit until I'd had them checked out. He took one look at the surge protector and his eyes boggled. He decided it wasn't my wiring at all, but that damned surge protector. Grrrrrr! Ya know, we buy these things thinking we're being safe!

He replaced the whole receptacle, checked all my other lines, and pronounced me electrically fit.

On a much brighter note, I got a hot tip from a fellow traveler yesterday about a job just north of here. It's on a really pretty island. There is an RV park right on the water! I'd appreciate any good energy you could send my way! I'd really like that job. *g*


Good luck vibes are heading your way {{{hugs}}}

Thanks, Sel! I really want a shot at this one. *snuggles you*

I hope fortune finds in your favor! :-)

Thank you! I'll take all the good fortune I can get! :-)

eeeeeeep! You did good. You kept your head. Im sure Id have been running around in circles wailing at the top of my lungs! Much good vibes for the job

I wasn't even scared! Until it was all over. Then I sat and shook like crazy. I'm just glad I woke up in time!

Thanks for the vibes. *g*



See this shock of gray hair over on the other side of my head? Yeah. Matches the "driving over the side of the 200 ft. embankment" one.

Guess Who


I know, I know! These things just happen, though. I'm just glad it turned out okay. :-)

*hands over soothing throat lozenge*

Oh my, thank goodness you're okay! That must have been scary. And that was very quick thinking for first thing in the morning.

::hugs you::

Good luck on the job thing!

Oh yeah. Just five more minutes. . . *shudders* I'm stunned I was able to handle it, though. *g* My brain doesn't work very well first thing.

::snuggles in::

Thanks for the luck! :-)

Thank goodness you woke up in time!

In Australia it's law that all new houses being built must have a sufficient amount of smoke detectors installed, and discounts are given to people who want to buy them for their older properties.

Do you not have something similar in your country?

Yes, we do! I think. *g* I do have a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector as well. It hadn't gotten to that point yet, though, thank god. It was just starting to smoke, but the fumes were killer. Not literally. *g*

I really should check the batteries in the smoke detector, though. I think it's been a year since I changed them.


Go bash it with a broomstick handle. That's my solution to all household crisis :D


LOL! Mine too! Or the hammer. *g*

Actually, now that I think about it, I probably should have pulled the melted, burning plastic away with a broom handle instead of my fingers, but like I said, I wasn't quite awake yet. I didn't get burned, though. :)

Now I've got a very nice battery backup/voltage regulator/surge protector for my computer stuff. I really should have bought something like this ages age, because power in RV parks is kinda funny. Usually, when my refrigerator kicks on, the TV dims for a moment. Computers tend to not like that. *g* So it all turned out okay. :)

Sending good vibes in the hope you get that job.


Thank you! I'm hoping to get a phone interview on Monday. :)

I'm glad you and your pets were ok!

Have you heard anything about the job? I'm sending good vibes your way.

That was a close one!

Nothing about the job yet. *sigh* These things are very much a 'hurry up and wait' kind of thing. They'll interview me then want me there the next day. Usually I can't do that. *g* The agency did say yesterday afternoon that the job was still open, so I'm trying very very hard to be patient.

Dude. I'm browsing your lj and I have to ask--are you a travel nurse?

I'm a traveling medical technologist, fancy way for saying lab tech. *g* I've been doing it for 4 years now. :)