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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I'm moving today

I've been thinking about that lovely RV park just north of here, the one right where I'm hoping to get that job, on the beach, on an island. I've decided to go ahead and move on up there. *g* Why not? It's lots cheaper, has a better view, and that really cute boat captain that I drooled over when catspaw_sgjd and I went on that whale watch is up there! Yep, same island. *g* I figured, even if I don't get that job, it would be nice to spend the rest of my time off near the water. Tsunami be damned! LOL So I'm heading up there today. I should be back online by mid-afternoon if all goes well.

ETA: I made it safe! No major traumas or anything. *g* The park is lovely. I've got a view of the water. I think once the trees fill in that will go away, but that's okay. Hopefully the internet access will be more reliable then the last place. Now all I've got to do is get my satellite dish set up and I'm good to go!

Current Mood: excitedexcited

Travel safe, hon. I'll be doing the trip with you :-)

*snuggles you* The drive was a breeze! YAYYYYYYY! I'm all snug and safe now. *g*


::: queues up Muppet Movie soundrack :::

Movin right along
We've found a life on the highway
And your way is my way
So trust my navigation

Flashy cars with movie stars
And life with the top down
We're stormin' the big town

sumthin sumthin sumthin

Movin right along (digga dum diggam)
Footloose and faaaaancy free
Are you ready for the big time?
Is it ready for me?

Derek probably knows the words better. Hope you had a good trip - you should be on your way and/or there by now. Next visit down here in poor little boring Seattle, YOU are bringing the seafood for dinner.

Don't hit your Jeep.

And stay away from cliffs.

No talking to strangers, either.

And check your connections, fcol.

Okay, yeah, that pretty much covers it.



LOL! No cliffs, or nasty trees, or high winds, or anything like that on this trip. :D I already did talk to strangers, though. I had trouble unhooking the jeep again, so a very nice man came and helped me. *beams*

Wow! I envy you..

good luck, hope it all goes well 8-)

It did! Thank you for the luck! I usually need it. *g*

Fabulous! Hope the interview goes / went okay.


I'm still waiting for a phone call. *gnaws knuckle* LOL! Thank you for the well wishes! I really wouldn't mind a few more weeks off, though. It's so pretty here! In fact, I think I'm going to go check out the town. :)

Well now that you're there, you're obviously going to get the job. *g*

Good luck!

Thank you ! ::snuggles you:: I know! I mean, I'm already here and everything, how can they not? *g*

Sssshhhhhh! Don't tell, but I'm considering maybe applying for a perm job here. If I don't get the temp one.

Maybe. *g*

I hope you get whichever job you want.

And mum's the word. *wink*