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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
The love affair will probably end soon

Well damn. It seems this job isn't in the cards for me. :-( This hospital refuses to work with my agency, absolutely refuses, and the agency it will work with and I have kind of a bad history. I decided to go ahead and apply for the perm job, so checked it out online. Well, it's a variable shift, which I didn't know. That means I'd have to do something ghastly, like go in at 6am one day, 3pm the next, then back in the next morning. That kind of thing just *kills* me. I would have done it, on a temp basis, just because I love the area, but in reality probably would have been too exhausted to enjoy the scenery. I'm just too old to do that anymore. So it's probably for the best. All I wanted to do when I found out was sit in the RV and pout. But I didn't! Nope, not me. I'm an adult after all. So I went down and sat on the beach and pouted instead. ROFL!!!

So I'm casting my net out again. There is something south of here. We'll see how it goes.

I'll miss this beach! But I guess we'll be able to conduct a sordid affair complete with trysts and stolen moments. *g*

Current Mood: weirdweird

Oh no! That stinks. I'm sorry it didn't work out. But you're so right--those kinds of variable hours are really hard to deal with. And it's just not healthy.

And sometimes it's good to sit on the beach and pout.

I'm actually very good at the pouting thing. I'm sure the sea lions were very impressed. *g* I do trust that I'll end up where I'm supposed to. Sometimes it's hard to be patient, though. *whines* But it's all part of the game.

awwww! this mean you leaving?? but you just got there 8-/ I'd probably stay there anyway and commute to wherever.
Oh I really need to go to the beach soon, even if its just for a day, I hope you are taking lots of piccies.

I'm sure the right thing will come along for you ::hugs::

It would be a very long commute. Something like 3 hours one way. *g* I did bite the bullet and just called that agency I have a bad history with. Left a voice mail. Who knows? She may even call me back. LOL

3 hours?? OH ok! thats a long commute.

Who knows? She may even call me back. LOL

::wishes luck:: *g*

She hasn't called back. *g* I'm not surprised, but that's okay, I got the other job! Her loss. *shrugs* ;-)